This site was created in June 2007 for the ME patient, carer and advocacy community and provides information, resources, commentary and archives on the political issues affecting the lives of UK Myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) sufferers.

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Informing the UK ME patient, carer and advocacy community:

Archives for agendas, minutes, summaries and reports of meetings of the All Party Parliamentary Group on ME
Scottish Cross Party on ME notices
ME in Parliament: House of Lords debates; House of Commons Written Answers; EDMs; Adjournment debates
Countess of Mar’s Forward-ME group
ME Alliance activity
APPG on ME Inquiry into NHS service provision
RiME newsletters, notices and reports on APPG on ME meetings
Patient organisation press releases, position statements, summaries and reports of meetings
Updates on patient organisation activity in the areas of welfare reform, NHS service provision, DoH, DWP, NICE, MRC
Isssues around NHS CFS/ME Clinics and NHS service provision
Government reports, documents and guidelines
Stakeholder consultations
The NICE Guideline (CG53) on CFS/ME Judicial Review
MRC research; MRC Holgate multi-disciplinary CFS/ME panel
Information obtained under Freedom of Information Act
MSbP, social services intervention and child protection issues; Justice for Families reports (via John Hemming MP)
Selected research papers, reviews and reports
Demonstrations, protests, public meetings and events (also on Read ME UK Events)
Commentary, articles and papers by researcher Margaret Williams, sociologist Angela Kennedy and others
ME and related issues in medical and allied health professional journals
Media coverage
YouTube advocacy and activism videos
DSM-5 and ICD-11 Revision Processes

Companion sites

Dx Revision Watch |  Monitoring the DSM-5 and ICD-11 revison procesess
Twenty-six soldiers of lead |  An extension site to ME agenda site (archived)
Read ME UK Events |  Updates on demonstrations, protests and public meetings (archived)


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