XMRV Retrovirus presentations: Klimas, de Meirleir, Hyde

XMRV Retrovirus presentations: Klimas, de Meirleir, Hyde

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Dr Nancy Klimas lecture, Florida, 7 November 2009

A video of Dr Nancy Klimas’s 7 November lecture is expected soon on Dan Moricoli’s CFS-ME Network, here:


An earlier video, “Dr Nancy Klimas discusses the XMRV virus discovery, what it means, what’s next and what you can do”, recorded 12 October, can be viewed in the Video Section here:



Göteborg Conference, Sweden

Dr Byron Hyde: Missed Diagnoses
Dr Kenny de Meirleir: End of an Era of Medical Negation

Göteborg 10th November: Professional’s Day
Göteborg 11th November: Public meeting http://www.rme.nu/node/85

Malmö 12th November: Public Meeting http://www.skane.se/templates/Page.aspx?id=266536

According to Whittemore-Peterson Institute on Facebook, the Byron Hyde and Kenny de Meirleir lectures in Göteborg on Professionals Day, 10 November will be videotaped and placed on the internet.  A DVD will also be available for purchase at Riksföreningen ME Göteborg (email: goteborg@rme.nu).


A PDF of Dr Hyde’s conference address is available here:


(Pages 7 and 8 for section: “The Whittemore Peterson Institute CFS – Retrovirus Announcement” )

Göteborg and Malmo, Sweden
M.E. Conferences: November 2009

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