New category proposal for DSM-5: “Simple Somatic Symptom Disorder”

New category proposal for DSM-5: “Simple Somatic Symptom Disorder”


The most recent proposals of the DSM-5 “Somatic Symptoms Disorders” Work Group plus two key Disorder Description and Rationale PDF documents can be read on the APA’s DSM-5 Development site here:

The two key Somatic Symptoms Disorders Work Group Draft Proposal documents:

  Descriptions document version 1/14/11  Revised Disorder Descriptions: Version 1/14/11

    Revised Justification of Criteria Version 1/31/11

On 16 January, I reported on my Dx RevisionWatch site that the page for current DSM-5 proposals for the revision of the DSM-IV categories and diagnostic criteria for “Somatoform Disorders” had been updated on 14 January, with a new category proposal calledSimple Somatic Symptom Disorder”.

This proposal is in addition to the recommendations of the Somatic Symptom Disorders Work Group, published in February 2010, for grouping a number of existing Somatoform categories under a common rubric “Complex Somatic Symptom Disorder (CSSD)” and does not replace “CSSD”.

For full details see Dx Revision Watch Post #56:

[Information superceded by second and third DSM-5 draft.]

Update @ 7 February 2011

The Justification of Criteria document has now been revised by the SSD Work Group to incorporate the new proposal for SSSD and some further revisions, and is replaced by a document designated DRAFT 1/31/11.

I shall be monitoring the DSM-5 Development website and if there are any further revisions to either document before the DSM-5 beta is published I will update this site.

Two key Somatic Symptoms Disorders Work Group Draft Proposal documents:

    Revised Justification of Criteria Version 1/31/11

  Descriptions document version 1/14/11 Revised Disorder Descriptions: Version 1/14/11

According to the APA’s DSM-5 Development Timeline, beta draft proposals are scheduled to be published by the DSM-5 Task Force in May-June, with a public review period of only around a month. The public review and comment period for the first draft, last year, had been around ten weeks.

The following patient organisations have been alerted to these revisions and sent copies of the key documents:

UK patient organisations:

Heather Walker, Action for M.E.
Neil Riley, Chair, Board of Trustees, ME Association
25% ME Group
Invest in ME
Jane Colby, The Young ME Sufferers Trust

US patient organisations and professionals:

Dr Alan Gurwitt, Massachusetts Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalopathy and Fibromyalgia Association (Mass. CFIDS/ME & FM)
Dr Kenneth Friedman, IACFS/ME
Jennie Spotila, CFIDS Association of America
Dr Lenny Jason

International patient organisations and professionals:

ESME (European Society for ME)
Dr Eleanor Stein, Canada