Accessing a copy of MRC National Archives material via PDF

Accessing a copy of MRC National Archives material via PDF


NB: If the link isn’t working for you, try this:

Go to this URL:

which is the National Archives Documents Online page

Put this Catalogue reference code into the Search box

FD 23/4553

Select date range 1950-99

that should bring up the page. Then pick up my instructions from there.


Go here:

that is:

The National Archives Documents Online

Description Myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME)/postviral fatigue syndrome (PFS) : papers and journal articles; correspondence and enquiries with MRC replies

Date 1988-1997
Catalogue reference FD 23/4553
Dept Records created or inherited by the Medical Research Council
Division General Records of the Medical Research Committee and Medical Research Council
Series Medical Research Council: Registered Files, Scientific Matters (S Series)
Image contains complete documents usually loaded


Click “Add to shopping” (there will be no charge, so don’t worry)

Click “Check out”

An email address will be requested.

Fill in a working email address.

Click “Proceed with your download”

An auto generated email will be sent to you.

The email you receive will include an order number and the date up until which the file will be available to you. (This was 28 days.)

Beneath the words:

“Your images are now available. If you have not already downloaded them, please go to the download screen at”

There is a clickable link “Download my documents now”.

Click the link which will take you to a PDF URL. The URL will be specific to your email address.

The URL will open a PDF of approximately 30 MB which you can save to your hard drive in the usual way.

The file consists of a 143 page bundle of copies of letters, responses, papers, notes of meeting and handwritten notes.

Some pages, extracts, names and addresses have been redacted and are marked:

SECTION 40 (2)


(Note: This is a very large file which is why National Archives do not supply it via an email attachment. I accept no responsibility for the consequences of anyone being inconsiderate enough to forward the file as an email attachment which may cause considerable problems for some email account holders.)

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