Benefits and Work: Tables turned – your chance to shop the DWP

Benefits and Work: Tables turned – your chance to shop the DWP


From Steve Donnison Benefits and Work

15 June 2010

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Firstly an apology for the problems you may have had opening links in the last two newsletters – and a further apology in case it happens again this time. The links do all work, but something in the depths of the server stops working when many thousands of people visit at once.

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In this newsletter we’re asking you to make sure the blame for much of the increase in the harassment of disabled people is placed where it belongs – at the door of the DWP and its ministers, with their constant campaign of vilification against sick and disabled claimants.

The Equalities and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has begun an investigation into whether public bodies are fulfilling their legal obligations to prevent disabled people from being harassed. If you think the DWP are failing in this duty – and actually making things much worse – email EHRC and tell them so, your details will not be made public. Email:

And please, let other people know about this enquiry – the more people who contribute the harder it will be for the EHRC to ignore the DWP’s role in hate crimes. If you do contact EHRC, please consider posting something on our free blog to encourage others. There’s also more information and links on the same blog page at Tables turned – your chance to shop DWP and BBC.

Staying with the DWP, we have a mole’s eye view of the misery that employment and support allowance (ESA) is causing inside Jobcentre Plus and a leaked email that reveals that the DWP is in a panic because of the large numbers of GPs who are wilfully or incompetently failing to complete the new fit notes correctly. There is a question mark hanging over the legality of benefits decisions as a result and it’s a story that, until now, has been kept from the press and the public: Leaked email shows DWP fit notes panic (This article is members only)

We also have the first coalition statement on when current incapacity claimants are to be transferred to ESA: Transfer from IB to ESA: coalition timetable latest (This article is members only)

Plus a growing question mark over those four page DLA renewal forms that we’ve been warning members about. Why is it in the public interest for claimants to be kept in the dark about their future use? Read more in DLA short form – what are they hiding?

We also have a full list of DWP 0800 numbers that are free to call from most mobiles. Many thanks to the member who sent us the list, which they received in response to a Freedom of Information Act request: Full list of free to mobile DWP 0800 numbers

Finally, we’ve had lots of good news posts in the forum lately, below are links to some of them:

Success with DLA first time, A Big Thank You !!

ESA Success….YESSSS!

Another heartfelt THANKS to B&W

DLA tribunal success

Good News

Decision changed – appeal cancelled

ESA appeal

I do hope you find these posts cheering – if the server lets you open the links, that is. If it doesn’t please do call again later, we really are trying to get it permanently sorted.

Good luck,

Steve Donnison

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