ICD-11 Alpha Draft: launch scheduled 10 – 17 May

ICD-11 Alpha Draft: launch scheduled 10 – 17 May

Shortlink: http://wp.me/p5foE-2Sg

Note that until the ICD-11 Alpha Draft is released, it cannot be determined how far the various Topic Advisory Groups have progressed with proposals for revising ICD-10 classifications or with populating definitions and other content according to the ICD Content Model. Proposals for revision of classifications and textual content may differ from the examples on the Demo and Training iCAT platform as it appeared on the date this report was compiled (accessed 06.05.10).

The ICD-11 Alpha Draft and iCAT (Initial ICD-11 Collaborative Authoring Tool) is anticipated to be launched by the WHO between 10 and 17 May.  See this Dx Revision Watch report

Also note that information in this report applies to the revision of ICD-10 towards ICD-11. Countries using a “Clinical Modification” of ICD, for example, Canada (ICD-10-CA), the USA (implementing ICD-10-CM, in October 2013), Australia (ICD-10 AM) and Germany (ICD-10-GM) should refer to their specific national modification of ICD.