IACFSME publishes submission to DSM-5 public review process

IACFSME (International Association for CFS/ME) publishes submission to DSM-5 public review process

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Today, 25 March the IACFSME issued an alert for international CFS and ME professionals and published a copy of the organisation’s own submission in the DSM-5 public review process. 

Notice from IACFSME: DSM-5 May Include CFS as a Psychiatric Diagnosis

“The DSM-5 Task Force of the American Psychiatric Association is asking for public comment to their proposed DSM-5 manual of psychiatric diagnoses scheduled for release in 2013. We are concerned about the possibility of CFS/ME being classified as a psychiatric disorder, based on comments made in their Work Group on somatoform disorders (see letter below). Of course, such an action would be a major setback in our ongoing efforts to legitimize and increase recognition of the illness…”

The IACFSME notice and submission can be read here on DSM-5 and ICD-11 Watch or here on the IACFSME site .


Submissions by US patient organisations

The March issue of CFIDSLink-e-News reports that the CFIDS Association of America is seeking input from outside experts into the DSM-5 public review process.

The Whittemore Peterson Institute has announced on its Facebook site that it intends to submit a response.

Submissions by UK patient organisations

On 4 March, I contacted seven national UK organisations.  I will update on responses received, so far, in the next couple of days. The following UK patient representative and research organisations have been contacted:

Action for M.E.
ME Association
The Young ME Sufferers Trust
Invest in ME
The 25% ME Group
ME Research UK

The DSM-5 public review period runs from 10 February to 20 April. Members of the public, patient representation organisations, professionals and other end users can submit responses, online.

Please take this opportunity to comment and to alert and encourage professionals and international patient organisations to participate in the DSM-5 public review process. 

If the proposals of the “Somatic Symptom Disorders” Work Group were to be approved there will be medical, social and economic implications to the detriment of all patient populations – especially those bundled by many psychiatrists under the so-called “Functional Somatic Syndromes” (FSS) and “Medically Unexplained Syndromes” (MUS) umbrellas, under which they include CFS, ME, FM, IBS, CI, CS, chronic Lyme disease, GWS and others.

Register here: http://www.dsm5.org/Pages/Registration.aspx

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