BMJ: Issue 6 March 10: Focus on “CFS” and XMRV

BMJ: Issue 6 March 10: Focus on “CFS” and XMRV


The 6 March issue of the BMJ includes seven XMRV and “CFS” related items.  There is also a Podcast which can be listened to on the BMJ site or downloaded here: 

The section on CFS and XMRV is 4.25 mins in from the start.

Contributions in the Podcast from Professor Simon Wessely on “CFS”, XMRV and the WPI paper, references to UK XMRV studies, the recent Dutch XMRV study and contribution from Jos W M van der Meer, professor of internal medicine, Department of Internal Medicine, Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre and Nijmegen Institute for Infection, Inflammation, and Immunity.

BMJ 6 March 2010 (Vol 340, No 7745)

1 Editor’s choice: ‘Let’s proceed with caution’ by Fiona Godlee.
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2 Editorial: ‘Chronic fatigue syndrome and human retrovirus XMRV’ by Simon Wessely and Myra McClure (p489)
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3 Letter: ‘More than defeatism greets patients with ME’ from Stephanie Munn (p495)

4 Letter: ‘Severely affected, severely neglected’ from Charles Shepherd (p495)

5 Observations/Medicine and the media: Science, chronic fatigue syndrome, and ME by Cathie Sudlow (p510)

6 Research highlights: Chronic fatigue syndrome and XMRV – reasons why the BMJ fast tracked the Dutch XMRV study and critical comments about the media publicity that accompanied publication of the Science paper in October 2009 (p516)

7 Fast Track Research: Prevalence of XMRV in patients with chronic fatigue syndrome in the Netherlands: retrospective analysis of samples from an established cohort (summary of key points (p520)
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