Kay (Kathleen) Gilderdale ME case: Media coverage 1 February 10

Kay (Kathleen) Gilderdale ME case: Media coverage 1 February 10

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Guardian  |  31 January 2010

A matter of life, death and assisted dying

After two high-profile court cases reignited the arguments around assisted deaths last week, Observer policy editor Anushka Asthana brought together five of the most outspoken figures in this controversial debate and put to them the most challenging questions raised by these cases. You can also listen to the debate online

Anushka Asthana
The Observer, Sunday 31 January 2010

Independent.ie  |  1 February 2010  |  Letters

Death highlights distress of ME

The tragic case of Lynn Gilderdale and her Irish-born mother Kay, who was recently acquitted of her attempted murder in 2008 (”Selfless’ mother cleared of trying to kill ill daughter’, Irish Independent, January 26) has had at least one positive effect: it has highlighted how debilitating Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) can be.

However, it would be tragic if other ME patients (particularly the newly diagnosed) considered suicide.

As someone who has been housebound, nearly bedbound, for 15 years with severe ME, I can say that one can have a meaningful life if one gets the proper support. And there is reason for optimism now more than ever that research breakthroughs will translate to treatments in the coming years.

Tom Kindlon
Dublin 15

Irish Independent

There will be a ‘Panorama’ special featuring the Kay Gilderdale case today, Monday, 1 February.



I Helped My Daughter Die


BBC One  |  Monday, 1 Feb 2010  20:30

Next on:  |  BBC News Channel  |  Thursday 4 Feb 2010  04:30


What drives a mother to help her child die? For almost a year, Panorama cameras have been following Kay Gilderdale – the woman at the centre of the recent Assisted Suicide trial – as she faced a possible life sentence over her part in the death of her daughter Lynn.

She talks exclusively to Jeremy Vine about the night she helped her bedridden daughter kill herself and explores whether the law should be changed with those on both sides of the debate, including Debbie Purdey and Baroness Campbell.