Kathleen (Kay) Gilderdale Court case: 12 January 2010

Bridget Kathleen (Kay) Gilderdale Court case: 12 January 2010, Lewes Combined Court

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Update @ 14 January case resumes tomorrow, Friday, 15 January – please check court listings.

Update @ 12 January from drjohngreensmith@mefreeforall.org   ME Free For All


Kay’s Trial – Jury selected – Case to open Thursday 14 January 2010 after legal argument.

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Sussex mother on trial over daughter’s ME death (BBC News Online, 12 January 2010)


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Bridget Kathleen (Kay) Gilderdale, whose daughter Lynn died in December 2008, will be appearing at Lewes Crown Court on 12 January 2010.

Kay will be wearing a white carnation in her lapel and has requested that those attending the court do likewise to show solidarity.

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Media coverage

The Argus  | 12 January 2009  | 10.35 am

Mother on trial for attempted murder of ME sufferer daughter

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Dr John Greensmith, ME Free For All, reports that:

The case is still scheduled to go ahead, tomorrow, Tuesday 12 January 2010 in Court room 1 at the Lewes Combined Court on the High St. Starting at 10.30am.

There is poor disabled access. Stone steps leading up to the front of the building. No wheelchair ramp. Disabled access to the Building via ramp from behind the court room in Castleditch Lane. Ramp is very icy. Castleditch Lane narrow. No disabled parking at the court at all.

I’ve been told that the stairs are not too bad if one is ambulatory and/or uses a stick. It’s the usual solution of grasping the rail and hauling one’s self up the stairs.

There is a button to press if this is impossible. A security guard will come out and help if needed. A wheelchair bound person would need to get out of their chair and have the chair carried up by the security guard and then assisted up the stairs (unless they’re light and the security guard would carry them) Not at all satisfactory.

Court 1 is very small, Victorian, hard bench seats, no space for a wheelchair in the court but can get into the building, temperature tends to go from hot to cold and then back again. Current problems with heating. Wear layers, stairs up to the public gallery. Speak to the Usher before the court if you need to drink water, take pills or need a small snack for blood sugar problems.

Daily List for Tuesday 12 January 2010 at THE LAW COURTS, 182 HIGH STREET, LEWES

Court 1 – sitting at 10:30 am
For Trial
T20097199 GILDERDALE Bridget K

This is the latest we have but please do check with the Court Service if intending to travel.

The trial may last 3 weeks so there is time for anyone to send a letter to the DPP asking that the Crown Prosecution Service drop the case because it is not in the public interest. See my other postings for contact details or send me an  e-mail.

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Lynn’s experience of living with ME had been published by the Mail in 2006:


and also by the BBC in 2001:


For many years, Lynn had been the “face” of the 25% ME Group

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Kay Gilderdale Support Fund



Dr Macintyre and the Gilderdale family discuss ME

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Click here for all previous coverage of the Gilderdale family’s case. The 24 postings are archived in reverse date order:

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