XMRV retrovirus replication: Round up 1

XMRV retrovirus replication: Round up 1

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Media coverage

The Guardian  |  Sarah Boseley  |  6 January 2010

Research casts doubt over US chronic fatigue virus claim
     UK study fails to find proof of headline-grabbing American study into test for ME/CFS

Ed: Note that in 2001, the Guardian’s Sara Boseley had reported:

“Prof Wessely has quit the field – and is not the only professional to have ceased involvement with CFS.”
        Storm brews over ‘all in mind’ theory of ME, Guardian, 20 September 2001

A week later in the Guardian, Ms Boseley wrote:

“Simon Wessely, of the Department of Psychological Medicine at Guy’s, King’s and St Thomas’s School of Medicine in London, is a former key figure in the study of ME/CFS who has felt the heat and largely backed out of the kitchen.” 
        A very modern epidemic, Guardian, 27 September 2001

But just like the Energizer Bunny, Professor Wessely keeps on going…

Whilst on the Guardian site, I was discomforted to see that the Guardian evidently considers its readership so lacking in gumption and basic needlework skills that it has published an article with step by step instructions on How to make a draught excluder and having stuffed it, how to pimp your draught excluder so it looks like a snake…

Optional: To make a snake draught excluder, simply sew on two buttons for eyes and a piece of red ribbon (with a V-shaped piece cut out of one end) for a forked tongue.

It’s an ill wind… 


New Scientist  |  Clare Wilson and Ewen Callaway  |  6 January 2010

CFS patients in UK show no signs of suspect virus


Daily Mail  |  Fiona Macrae  |  6 January 2010

British experts say ME virus is a myth


Independent   |  Steve Connor   |  6 January 2010

Researchers must work together


Science Daily   |  6 January 2010

New Virus Is Not Linked to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Suggests New Research


e! Science News  |  5 January 2010

New virus is not linked to chronic fatigue syndrome, suggests UK research


BBC News  |  Michelle Robertsm Health reporter  | 5 January 2010

Research finds no proof that a virus is the cause of ME


Additional reporting, today, will be added to the top of this posting.