Kathleen (Kay) Gilderdale 12 January court appearance: 1

Kathleen (Kay) Gilderdale 12 January court appearance: 1

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Update: I am advised that the case is likely to be held Court room 1 at the Lewes Combined Court. Most likely heard from 10.00 am or 10.30 am but the times will not be confirmed until the day before.

Please check the court website page that lists court hearings, on 11 January, for timings: http://www.hmcourts-service.gov.uk/cms/courthearings.htm

Kathleen (Kay) Gilderdale, whose daughter Lynn died in December 2008, will be appearing at Lewes Crown Court on 12 January 2010.

Kay will be wearing a white carnation in her lapel and has requested that those attending the court do likewise to show solidarity.

ME agenda is not able to respond to enquiries about the case from members of the public or the media. Enquiries in relation to attending the court appearance on 12 January are best directed to Dr John Greensmith of ME Free For All but any information that becomes available will be published here.

Dr John H Greensmith
ME Free For All

Lynn’s experience of living with ME had been published by the Mail in 2006:


and also by the BBC in 2001:


For many years, Lynn had been the “face” of the 25% ME Group

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