Next APPG on ME meeting: Delay in production of the Minutes

Heather Walker, Communications Manager, Action for M.E. has advised me, this morning, that the minutes of the last meeting will be delayed.


Ms Walker writes @ 25 November

On behalf of the APPG on ME Secretariat, my apologies for the delay in the production of minutes of the last meeting.

We are still awaiting arrival of the verbatim transcript, kindly produced by a Hansard stenographer, on which the minutes are based.

As has been pointed out, the APPG has a policy that any comments on the APPG minutes and transcript be sent in to the APPG Secretariat one week before the meeting. The meeting scheduled for Wednesday the 2nd of December would therefore indicate a deadline for comments and amendments to be submitted by Wednesday the 25th of November

The delay means the usual procedure will have to be changed – what to will depend on when the transcript and minutes become available.

We will circulate them as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, the agenda for next week’s meeting is as follows:

1. Welcome by the Chairman
2. APPG Report on the Inquiry into NHS Services
3. Speaker: Mike O’Brien MP, Minister of State for Health Services
4. Minutes of the last meeting
5. Matters arising

– APPG legacy paper (in preparation for the General Election)

– New research: murine leukaemia virus-related virus (XMRV)

– Accessibility of venues for future meetings

6. Welfare update

– Employment and Support Allowance

– Welfare Reform Bill

7. Any other business

8. Date of next meeting

Heather Walker

Communications Manager
Action for M.E
Direct line: 0117 930 1323

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