RiME: XMRV and MPs Referendum on ME Research

RiME:  XMRV and MPs Referendum on ME Research

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Campaigning for Research into ME (RiME)

XMRV and MPs Referendum on ME Research

In the wake of news on the XMRV virus [retrovirus], it might be an opportune time to write to those MPs who haven’t signed up to the MPs Referendum on ME Research. For more details and list of MPs who have signed see www.rime.me.uk

The article that was on the front and inside pages of the Independent is below. It should print off neatly on one page.

Below that is a letter that can be used as it is or as a guide.

Paul Davis rimexx@tiscali.co.uk


Front Page of  THE INDEPENDENT Friday 9 October 2009

Has Science found the cause of ME?

Breakthrough offers hope to millions of sufferers around the world

By Steve Connor Science Editor

SCIENTISTS SAY they may have made a breakthrough in understanding the cause of chronic fatigue syndrome – a debilitating condition affecting 250,000 people in Britain which for decades has defied a rational medical explanation.