MRC Research Workshop: Final Agenda

MRC Research Workshop: Final Agenda


As I was in contact with MRC Corporate Information and Policy, today, I requested confirmation of the presenter on “Fatigue” at today’s meeting which had been listed on the Agenda as “tbc”.

I have been advised that it was not possible to secure a speaker for the proposed session on Fatigue, but that an Open Session was added towards the end of the day. 

A final copy of the Agenda was provided for my information. I am advised that this will be published on the MRC website, early next week.

Note that this is the 3rd Agenda that has been issued (on 19 November) and it supercedes the two previous files posted on this site and elsewhere.

Final Agenda provided on 19 November in PDF format: Final Agenda MRC CFS ME Workshop 19- 20 November 2009