Declaration of interests for the CFS/ME Expert Group

Declaration of interests for the CFS/ME Expert Group


On 13 November, Tate Mitchell reports, via Co-Cure, a new page on the MRC’s website:

Declaration of interests for the CFS/ME Expert Group

Interests for members of the Expert Group are declared under the following categories:

Personal Remuneration (employment, pensions, consultancies, directorships, honoraria etc)
Registrable Shareholdings and Financial Interests in Companies
Research Income during current session (over £50k per grant)
Major academic collaborations (national and international)
Unremunerated involvement with and membership of medical, biomedical, pharmaceutical, healthcare provision or similar activities/organisations
Political/pressure group associations
Members are informed of the MRC policy of declarations of interest at the first meeting and asked to return their completed forms to the Secretariat. The interest declared to date are listed below.

Dr Charles Shepherd

Dr Derek Pheby

Dr Esther Crawley

Dr Jonathan Kerr

Professor Anthony Pinching

Professor Hugh Perry

Professor Ian Kimber

Professor Malcolm Jackson

Professor Peter White

Professor Philip Cowen

Professor Stephen Holgate

Sir Peter Spencer