Benefits and Work Campaign: Save DLA and AA: have you signed the No 10 petition yet?

Benefits and Work Campaign: Save DLA and AA: have you signed the No 10 petition yet?

September update from Steve Donnison. Check back for newsletter next Tuesday…

Steve Donnison | 25 September 2008

We’re back from annual leave now and have been catching up on what’s been happening in our absence.

We’ll be sending out a detailed newsletter on Tuesday which will include evidence from several reputable sources that DLA is definitely under threat, plus voicing your concerns about what exactly is going on with the Big Care Debate website, where your responses are often not being published even when the website is working.

Meanwhile, however, we would strongly urge campaigners to sign the DLA and AA petition on the No 10 website, posted on 7 September by Peter Hand of Mencap.

The petition is at:

So far it’s collected 3,728 signatures and is the 33rd largest petition on the site, which is not bad, but far short of what’s needed.

We know lots of people are very sceptical about petitions on No 10 – they feel they achieve very little other than dismissive responses from civil servants. Some also don’t like the fact that you’re asked to give an email address and your home address.

However, the petition is up and running and, unless it gathers lots of support, it could be used as evidence that there’s actually little concern about the future of DLA and AA.

Bear in mind that signing up to the Benefits and Work campaign is not like signing a petition – we aren’t going to be passing on your details to anyone else. So the fact that almost 26,000 people have now signed up to the campaign can be ignored by politicians.

But politicians know that virtually every signature on a No. 10 petition belongs to a voter and, with an election less than a year away, every signature really could make a difference.

So, please do sign the petition and spread word of it around forums and to people on your email list.

Good luck,

Steve Donnison

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