Save DLA and AA (Benefits and Work): Campaign update

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Update from Steve Donnison | 1 September 2009 

Save DLA & AA: a brief update

Just a brief update on what’s happening with the campaign, which now has 22,692 members.


The number of responses on the government’s own green paper website has more than quadrupled since we asked you to post there last Tuesday. The number of posts on the executive summary page – where the vast majority of responses are published – has risen from 133 to 640 in the course of the last week. The overwhelming majority of posts are strongly against any changes to disability benefits. You can read the responses, and add your own, here:

We would strongly urge you to have your say here if you haven’t already. The green paper argues that:

“And because the decision is so fundamental to our society, we believe that there must be a clear consensus across society on which option is preferred before we decide which is the right option for England.”

This is your chance to make it clear that there is absolutely no consensus for a raid on disability benefits. So, please, keep those responses coming. Anything from a single sentence to hundreds of words is fine, just so long as you have your say.


Campaigners in Cornwall ran an excellent petition signing event last week. They got coverage on local tv and radio and even managed to oblige a minister in London to make a statement on the issue. You can watch the impressively produced video and learn more about planned events in:

Bristol 28 September
Taunton 29 September



Meanwhile, the government’s own green paper events, the “Big Care Debate public roadshows, where members of the public can discuss and have their say” , are happening around the country. The next events are in the North East (including Darlington tomorrow), the East Midlands and the North West.

The ‘debates’ include the chance to watch videos, talk to representatives and post on the green paper website. The events are likely to be carefully stage-managed and positive feedback from them may well be used to justify aspects of the eventual government decision.

If you want to attend and help ensure the feedback is genuinely representative, a full list of dates and venues is available from:


Welfare Watch now have a forum dedicated to responses from MPs, so please consider adding any reply you get to those already on their free forum at:


The Benefits and Work office will be closed for annual leave for the next two Tuesdays, so there won’t be any more emails from us before Tuesday 22 September. But remember that you can post your news in the Benefits and Work forum, if you’re a member, at:

and/or in the free welfare watch forums at:

You can also keep up with news about opposition to the green paper at the Carer Watch campaign blog:

Good luck,

Steve Donnison

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