MRC publishes Minutes of 1st “CFS/ME Expert Panel” meeting

The names of the members of the MRC CFS/ME Expert Group, the Panel’s Terms of Reference, the Agenda and Minutes of the meeting held on 15 December 2008 and other information has finally been published on the MRC’s website.

The list of members’ and the Panel’s Terms of Reference were previously obtained under FOIA and published here on ME agenda.

The Agenda and Minutes of the meeting on 15 December can be downloaded here or opened in PDF format here:

PDF: Minutes CFS/ME Expert Group Meeting 15 December 2008

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CFS/ME Expert Group meeting – 15 December 2008
Issued: 15 Dec 2008
Primary audience: Researchers
Document Summary

Agenda and minutes from the 1st meeting held on 15 December 2008


The list of members can be opened in PDF format here:

PDF: CFS/ME Expert group membership

Term of Reference can be opened in PDF format here:

PDF: Finalised Terms of Reference for CFS/ME expert group

or go to MRC site for full article and files:

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis 

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Chronic fatigue syndrome or myalgic encephalomyelitis (CFS/ME) is a complex and debilitating condition with a diverse range of symptoms. Profound physical and/or mental fatigue is the most well-known, while others include pain, disturbed sleep patterns and gastrointestinal problems. Each patient experiences their own personal combination of symptoms.

Research Strategy
MRC CFS/ME Expert Group
Terms of reference
Previous MRC activities
Current MRC-funded research projects
How does the MRC decide which research proposals to fund?

Research Strategy
CFS/ME is currently a highlighted area, and is an area that is of high priority for the MRC. In 2008 the MRC set up a new group to consider how the MRC might encourage new high-quality research into CFS/ME and partnerships between researchers already working on CFS/ME and those in associated areas This work follows on from the Research Advisory Group set up in 2003 and the joint workshop held with Action for ME in 2006.

MRC CFS/ME Expert Group
The Group is chaired by Professor Stephen Holgate, chair of the MRC Population and Systems Medicine Board and brings together leading experts in the CFS/ME, from associated fields that may be involved in the underlying mechanisms of CFS/ME and from the charity sector:

Professor Stephen Holgate – University of Southampton – Chairman

Professor Jill Belch – University of Dundee

Dr Esther Crawley – University of Bristol

Professor Philip Cowen – University of Oxford

Professor Malcolm Jackson – University of Liverpool

Dr Jonathan Kerr – St George’s University of London

Professor Ian Kimber – University of Manchester

Professor Hugh Perry – University of Southampton

Dr Derek Pheby – National CFS/ME Observatory

Professor Anthony Pinching – Peninsula Medical School

Dr Charles Shepherd – ME Association

Sir Peter Spencer – Action for ME

Professor Peter White – Bart’s and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry

The aim of the Group is to look at new ways of encouraging new research in the CFS/ME field not only by looking at new technologies but also at associated areas that could help inform on the diverse range of symptoms and possible underlying causes of CFS/ME.

The terms of reference of the Group can be found below.

Terms of reference

1. To consider and review the status of current research in CFS/ME.

2. To consider the underlying mechanisms and sub-phenotypes of CFS/ME.

3. To identify research opportunities incorporating new technologies and conjoint areas and encourage new research towards understanding the basis of CFS/ME.

4. To produce a framework for conducting high quality CFS/ME research in the future.

5. To work to achieve clear lines of communication and synergy between all stakeholders with an interest in this area.

Notes of the Expert Group meetings can be found following the links below:

1st Meeting of the CFS/ME Expert Group – 15th December 2008
2nd Meeting of the CFS/ME Expert Group – 30th March 2009 (to follow)

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