MRC CFS/ME Expert Group: Finalised Terms of Reference

MRC CFS/ME Expert Group Finalised Terms of Reference

Since 16 November 2008, I have had a request for information under the Freedom of Information Act outstanding with the MRC for a copy of the Terms of Reference for the “CFS/ME multi-disciplinary Expert Group” chaired by  Professor Stephen Holgate.

The first meeting of the MRC’s “CFS/ME Expert Group” was held on 15 December 2008 and there has been at least one other meeting since then, with a workshop scheduled for November.

I have chased the MRC several times, since December, for this information, and have been advised that although the  panel has met several times, it had yet to agree its Terms of Reference.

Today, I have received a communication from Ms Rosa Parker, MRC Corporate Information and Policy, advising that the panel’s Terms of Reference have now been finalised and attaching a copy, which I append. I am further advised that the Terms of Reference will shortly be published on the MRC’s website at

The MRC has yet to publish, on its website, names of the members of this panel. I obtained a list of members, under FOIA, in December 2008.

For the list of panel members see:

For a report by Sir Peter Spencer (Action for M.E.) following the panel’s inaugural meeting see:


Fulfilled under FOIA on 11.08.09:

Received from Ms Rosa Parker, MRC Corporate Information and Policy

MRC Expert Group – Final terms of reference   Open PDF:  Finalised Terms of Reference for CFSME expert group

CFS/ME Expert Group

Terms of Reference

1. To consider and review the status of current research in CFS/ME.

2. To consider the underlying mechanisms and sub-phenotypes of CFS/ME.

3. To identify research opportunities incorporating new technologies and conjoint areas and encourage new research towards understanding the basis of CFS/ME.

4. To produce a framework for conducting high quality CFS/ME research in the future.

5. To work to achieve clear lines of communication and synergy between all stakeholders with an interest in this area.

To be published on the MRC website: