Green Paper: Shaping the Future of Care Together Consultation

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Green Paper: Shaping the Future of Care Together Consultation

From Action for M.E.’s News Page

15 July 2009

Care consultation

The Green Paper, Shaping the Future of Care Together, has been published, launching the Government’s consultation on proposals for a National Care Service for adults in England.

Although it acknowledges that: “There are many reasons why people might need care and support, such as: accidents, long-term illnesses, being disabled, growing older” the impetus for change is the potential cost and care implications of our aging population.

Health Secretary Andy Burnham says everyone in England will be guaranteed the right support to stay independent and well for as long as possible; joined up services; information and advice; personalised care and support; that care needs will be assessed and paid for in the same way across the country.

Proposals for funding the service include: a ‘partnership’ approach which shares costs between the individual and the state, an ‘insurance’ approach which would enable people to choose to take out protection against the risk of having high care and support costs, or what is being described as a comprehensive approach, in which everyone who could afford to would be required to pay in and would get free care and support in return.

The consultation will last until 13 November 2009. For more information, go to:

The Green Paper and Supporting Documents

How to order a copy of the Green Paper