APPG on ME Inquiry into NHS services: Patient Questionnaire

The Patient Questionnaire for the APPG on ME Inquiry into services for people with ME has now been posted on the APPG on ME website.  Please note that one of the panel members for the Inquiry, Dr Ian Gibson MP, will presumably have withdrawn from involvement in the Inquiry and also resigned as Secretary to the APPG on ME having recently stood down as MP for Norwich North.

Please note that ME agenda does not support the undertaking of this Inquiry due to its being under resourced and due to issues around its Terms of Reference.

The questionnaire can be downloaded in Word and PDF format from the APPG on ME website.  All enquiries in connection with the Inquiry, itself, or with the Questionnaires to .  ME agenda cannot enter into correspondence around any aspect of this Inquiry.  If you don’t understand the instructions please contact Dr Turner. /



Please respond to each of the following questions. Answers should be in the format of a self-contained memorandum and the entire response should be no more than 3,000 words.

Respondents typing their submission may answer by filling in this questionnaire and including any detailed answers immediately after each question. If the response is hand-written, each question should be clearly re-stated in the response, with answers immediately following each particular question.

The document must include a very brief executive summary about yourself of approximately 200-300 words. Once submitted, your submission becomes the property of the APPG. The APPG will expect to publish the written evidence it receives. Please notify us if you wish your statement to be anonymous.

Please ensure that your questionnaire is submitted by the 20th of July 2009 to either  or

Dr Desmond Turner MP
House of Commons

(Please go to the APPG on ME website at / for the Word and PDF questionnaires)