Slip slidin’ away (APPG on ME inquiry into NHS services for ME)

APPG on ME inquiry into NHS services for people with ME

According to the draft Timeline circulated at the 1 April APPG on ME meeting:

5 May  Deadline for people with M.E. to submit questions to Dr Turner via website or in writing

(no website has been launched)

12 May  Compilation and issue of final questions

– patient survey
– questions for service providers identifying those that are obtainable under FO1

(no questionnaires or patient surveys have been issued)

19 May  Comment on draft surveys by parliamentarians – return to Dr Turner

Whitsun Recess

21 May -1 June

(Parliament is now in recess)

26 May  Issue final surveys and post them on inquiry website

(that’s today, no website, no surveys)


According to the ME Association (page 7, ME Essential)

“The delay arose because there was an initial problem finding an administrator. This has been resolved with the secondment of a parliamentary intern to the inquiry.”


We still have no Minutes and no transcript of the important 1 April meeting of the APPG on ME.  The inquiry’s Terms of Reference have been placed on Dr Des Turner’s parliamentary website, but no copy of any draft or finalised Timeline has been published.

Nobody knows what’s going on and Dr Turner is not responding to concerns.  Secretariat to the APPG on ME – that’s Action for M.E. and the ME Association, have issued no statements on the progress of these arrangements.

After the fiasco that was the “Gibson Inquiry”, why did the APPG committee think they could undertake this inquiry with unrealistic deadines and no adequate admin resources?

Why has the Secretariat encourage them to do so?

The APPG on ME should pull this inquiry.

The Secretariat should be advising them against going ahead.