Journal “FATIGUE”: What’s in a name (Co-Cure)

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Over the past few days, I’ve received several emails expressing discomfort for what is perceived as my “harsh”  criticism of those behind the launch of the “FATIGUE” journal.

“MUPS” services are being commissioned specifically to minimise investigations and reduce the number of referrals to secondary care specialism.  (See NHS documents appended)

This is one reason why launching a journal simply called “FATIGUE” has angered so many of us, especially within the UK, where the majority of us receive socialized medical care.

When the US is looking for models of service provision, it is likely they will look towards UK “CFS” services and UK models of management and “rehabilitation” – King’s College London (Wessely, Chalder), Bart’s (Peter White), Manchester (home of the MRC FINE Trial), Southampton (Rona Moss Morris)…

If you want to read the European Association for Consultation Liaison Psychiatry and Psychosomatics’ vision for European service provision for MUPS, a copy of the Draft White paper:

“Patients with medically unexplained symptoms and somatisation – a challenge for European health care systems: A draft white paper of the EACLPP Medically Unexplained Symptoms study group”

is now available here  EACLPP Working group on MUS version 16 Jan 2009

or from the EACLPP site here:

It is still out for consultation and comments can be submitted. Do our UK and European patient organisations intend to respond?

Francis Creed (UK), Peter Henningsen (Germany) and Per Fink (Denmark) are the co-ordinators of the European EACLPP MUS Work Group which operates out of University of Manchester.

Francis Creed and Michael Sharpe are the UK members of the APA’s DSM-V Somatic Distress Disorders Work Group, aka the Somatic Symptoms Disorders Work Group that is engaged in the revision of DSM-IV which will be “harmonized” with the WHO’s ICD-11 chapter for Mental and Behavioural Disorders (currently Chapter V in ICD-10).


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