More on journals and the “F” word

More on journals and the “F” word

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A journal called What?

New Journal “FATIGUE”: What’s in a name?

What Fatigue? A few quotes from the literature on ME and fatigue. by Greg Crowhurst 

There have been suggestions elsewhere that the Editorial Board of this proposed new journal – the Journal “FATIGUE” lacks awareness of the political situation and needs a little gentle guidance from the patient community to steer it back onto the right tracks.

But these are no ME, CFS political ingénues.

Every one of them would know very well the controversy this choice of name would engender.

Dr Shepherd is reported as having said that he signed up to the editorial board knowing nothing about the proposed journal, what it will contain or whom it will be aimed at, and now he is busy distancing himself from the choice of the “Fatigue” name.

You don’t buy, or buy into, a pig in a poke.

Meanwhile, Dr Enlander is encouraging the ME community to undertake a damage limitation exercise on behalf of the Editorial Board.  With each response from the journal’s editor that is circulated, the list of illnesses apparently included within this journal’s remit grows and grows, like the shopping list of the little boy who sets off to buy a stick of butter and ends up dragging home a sackful of groceries.

So far, we’ve been told that the journal’s scope will extend to:

ME, CFS, CFIDS, PVFS, Lyme Disease, Erlichia, Babessiosis, Fibromyalgia, Post Polio and now Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and the ominous

“and other illnesses where fatigue is present”…

…so we now have the potential for a whole rag bag of unspecified illnesses huddling under the umbrella of “Fatigue”.

Psychiatrists and psychologists have already created a “MUPS” umbrella and a “Functional somatic syndromes” umbrella. Now Dr Enlander and his board are handing out a “Fatigue” umbrella.

How does this editorial board propose to set about deciding what is the “right type of fatigue” and what is the “wrong type of fatigue” for inclusion in their journal?

What criteria are they going to use to define what gets in and what does not for their subscribers, their sponsors and those submitting papers for publication to this journal?

Or is it a case of “Fatigue, Schmatigue, who worries about a name, so long as we get our papers into print…”

If and when the Editorial Board issues a statement setting out its stall and addressing the many expressions of concern around the Board’s intentions for this proposed publication, I will publish a copy here.