Kathleen (Kay) Gilderdale case: Media coverage 17 April 2009


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Kathleen Gilderdale, the mother of Lynn Gilderdale, the face of the 25% ME Group, who died in her home last December, was charged yesterday with attempted murder.  Mrs Gilderdale, also known as Kay, is due to appear at Brighton Magistrates’ Court, next Tuesday 21 April.

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The Argus, Sussex  |  17 April 2009

Family backs Sussex mum Kathleen Gilderdale, charged over ME sufferer daughter Lynn’s death

The family of a Sussex mother charged with the attempted murder of her seriously-ill daughter expressed their “extreme disappointment and sadness” today at her prosecution…


News at Ten  |  16 April 2007


Action for M.E.  |  17 April 2009


Daily Press Summary 17/04/09

Kay Gilderdale

Kay Gilderdale has been charged with the attempted murder of her daughter Lynn, who had suffered from severe M.E. since she was 14 years old. Lynn was found dead at her home in Sussex in December 2008 from a suspected morphine overdose. Kay will appear in court on 21 April. Action for M.E. Trustee, Ondine Upton, was interviewed.

Channel 4 news, 7pm


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Coverage of the Gilderdale family coverage and Action for M.E. member, Emily Collingridge, who’s been affected by M.E. for over 20 years, talks about what it’s like to have the illness.

ITN news, 10pm


ME Association | 16 April 2009


The ME Association has reported the CPS decision but makes no comment.


ITN News



Slugger O’Toole, commentary, NI political blog site


Mother faces trial for alleged attempt at mercy killing


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Telegraph | 16 April 2009 |

Mother charged with the attempted murder of daughter who suffered with ME



Guardian | 17 April 2009  |  Haroon Siddique

Mother charged over death of ME daughter



Times  |  17 April 2009  |  Steve Bird

Mother charged over death of ME sufferer Lynn Gilderdale


“Derek Frame, a Crown Prosecution Service lawyer, said: “I have advised Sussex Police that there is sufficient evidence and it is in the public interest to charge Kathleen Gilderdale with the attempted murder of her daughter Lynette.

“In reviewing the evidence in this case, I also considered the offences of murder and assisted suicide. In order to support a charge of murder, the prosecution would have to prove that Mrs Gilderdale’s actions significantly contributed to her daughter’s death. There was insufficient evidence to prove this. In relation to assisted suicide, whilst this offence was considered, I decided that a charge of attempted murder more accurately reflected Mrs Gilderdale’s actions and intentions.”


Daily Mail |  16 April 2009  |  Colin Fernandez

Devoted mother charged with attempted murder of paralysed daughter who was bed-ridden for 17 years

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