APPG on ME Inquiry: Video reports

APPG on ME Inquiry: Video reports

You Tube Video reporting of the APPG on ME Inquiry on NHS Services for People with ME

The UK All Party Parliamentary Group on ME (APPG on ME) launched an Inquiry into NHS service provision for people with ME on the auspicious date of the 1st of April 2009. This Inquiry was initially discussed at the previous APPG on ME meeting of the 8th of October 2008. The Inquiry is of similar type and format to the ill fated Gibson Inquiry into ME research and in which Dr. Ian Gibson will be taking a prominent role together with the APPG on ME Chairperson Dr. Des Turner and Lady Mar who all served on Gibson Inquiry Panel.

I have produced a critical appraisal of the virtues and vices of the inquiry and the way it has been set up and the consequent way in which the inquiry will unfold which are contained in two You Tube video reports which can be seen on my You Tube Channel, action4change4me

The first video report deals with the way in which the Inquiry was set up and the way the APPG on ME intend to put their Inquiry into practice, which can be viewed in normal and High Definition video at:

The second video report deals with the background to this Inquiry and way in which the proposal for an Inquiry was developed by the APPG on ME. It can be viewed at:

The APPG on ME is a committee of Parliamentarians who engage in round table discussions with charity representatives and interested members of the public.

I would therefore like to suggest that it may be helpful to understand the dynamics of the APPG on ME and the way in which the ME charities represent ME sufferers and carers by gaining some background on the way in which charities are themselves set up and how they operate.

A video documentary on the types of UK charity/non-profit organisation in the UK compared with the USA can be viewed at:

A video documentary on the way in which UK charities are governed and regulated can be viewed at:

A documentary video giving an introduction to the subject of Charity Constitutions can be viewed at:

Taken as a set of five evidence based documentary video reports these videos aim to inform the viewer. Thus informed, the viewer will therefore be able to gain a depth of understanding of events at the APPG on ME as well as acquiring a level of knowledge about UK ME charities and they way they operate at the APPG on ME and more generally in terms of the legal form, function, structure and purpose of charities from the point of view of an ME sufferer who has spent a great may years involved in the charity and voluntary sector.

Ciaran Farrell  |  4 April 09