Poll: The ME Association and the use of “The ME Society”

What’s in a name?

Poll: The ME Association and the use of “The ME Society”

The ME Association has recently started using:

“Welcome to The ME Association, sometimes known as The ME Society…”

on its main website, on its MySpace site and also in its magazine.

Three existing organisations are currently associated with the name “The ME Society”:

1] The Sussex and Kent ME and CFS Society has referred to itself as the “ME Society” for some years, locally, and on its website but is not registered with the Charity Commission under this name and does not operate formally under this name.

2] Ms Diane Newman’s Peterborough ME and CFS Self Help Group has been operating under the name of “The M.E. Society” since last year and Ms Newman signs herself in under this name at APPG on ME meetings. Her group is already being listed under this name on some Peterborough websites for local patient organisations.  Ms Newman styles herself “M.E. Society (former Peterborough M.E. & CFS Self help)” and uses the email address m.e.society@live.co.uk  and the domain name www.m.e.society.co.uk on notices circulated via the internet.  But the domain name www.m.e.society.co.uk  does not appear to have been registered – which begs the question: Why is Ms Newman using it?

3] The ME Association.

What do you think about this?  Do you consider that this will result in confusion or not?

To further complicate matters, the names    mesociety.co.uk    mesociety.org    mesociety.org.uk    have been registered as domain names.

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