Number 10: Invest in ME Conference Petition

Number 10 Invest in ME Conference Petition

We the undersigned petition the Prime to send the Minister Of Health, Medical Research Council delegates and the Chief Medical Officer to attend the INVEST in ME Conference 29th May 2009 London.

The previous IiME conferences in 2008 attended by presenters and delegates from 13 countries, from Europe, USA, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea demonstrated that “PROVEN BIOLOGICAL MARKERS & TREATMENTS FOR SOME SUB TYPES OF ME/CFS ARE ALREADY THERE!”

Now the challenge is for the Chief Medical officer, the Medical Research Council and the Government to take up the challenge laid down by the conference in 2008 and commit to a national strategy of biomedical research into ME, without any conditions or provisions for enforcing the psychosocial model to be incorporated.


Ed: Please note that ME agenda has no connection with this Number 10 Petition.  All enquiries in connection with the Petition should be directed to the Petition Organiser and no correspondence can be entered into.