Times: Court challenge to NICE over osteoporosis treatment

From today’s Times, news of another JR challenge of a NICE guideline:


Court challenge to NICE over osteoporosis treatment | David Rose | 19 January 2009

“The medicine regulator faces a legal challenge this week over its ruling that thousands of women with thinning bones should be denied effective treatment on the NHS.”

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Health and Clinical Excellence NICE Bulletin for Parliamentarians

Ed: The publication of new NICE guidelines and the outcome of Judicial Reviews of guidelines are reported in monthly “Health and Clinical Excellence Bulletins” which are sent to all MPs.

From the website at:  http://www.nice.org.uk/

“This monthly bulletin is produced to update MPs and Lords in Westminster on recently issued NICE guidance, alert readers to forthcoming recommendations and ensure they are familiar with NICE and our current work programme.”

Archives for the “Health and Clinical Excellence bulletin” for MPs dating back to March 2006, are maintained on the NICE website here

Issue 41, September 2007 of the Health and Clinical Excellence NICE Bulletin for Parliamentarians had included a section on the launch of the NICE Guideline (CG53) for CFS/ME on Page 2, and on Page 1, a report of the NICE response to the judicial review outcome of the high court ruling on the challenge to NICE’s appraisal of drugs for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease,  made public the previous month, on 20 August ’07.

You can download a copy of the September ’07 MPs’ Bulletin here:


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Press Statement on ruling on NICE’s appraisal of drugs for Alzheimer’s disease, 1 May 2008, here:



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