MRC “CFS/ME Multidisciplinary panel”: Update on Terms of Reference

MRC “CFS/ME Multi-disciplinary panel” update on Terms of Reference

On Friday, 9 January, I received an email from Ms Rosa Parker (MRC Corporate Governance and Policy) regarding provision of a copy of the Terms of Reference for the new “CFS/ME multi-disciplinary” panel under the FOI Act.

Ms Parker advises that she has been informed by colleagues that at the meeting on 15 December, the Expert Group* [sic] had requested some changes to the draft terms of reference presented at this inaugural meeting.  That the Expert Group decided that as the Terms of Reference needed to be revised and discussed they would be agreed at the second meeting of the group; that the date for the second meeting had not yet been set but that the Terms of Reference would be forwarded to me as soon as they had been agreed and she apologised for this unanticipated delay.

For a list of current members of the MRC’s  “CFS/ME multi-disciplinary” panel see:

Freedom of Information Request: MRC CFS/ME multi-disciplinary panel members list

For a report by Action for ME (AfME) of the inaugural meeting of the multi-disciplinary panel see:

MRC multi-disciplinary panel “expert panel”: inaugural meeting

Professor Stephen Holgate is the chair of the Medical Research Council’s new advisory panel on ME/CFS and is speaking today at the Allendale Community Centre, Wimborne, Dorset on the need for a national research strategy for the illness – a meeting hosted by the Dorset ME Support Group. 

[I did not attend this meeting but if readers have reports which could be edited for publishing, here, please get in touch via the Contact page.]

Prof Holgate is a member of the MRC’s Physiological Systems and Clinical Sciences Board (PSCSB) and chairs the MRC Respiratory Research Collaborative.  He is also chair of the CFS Research Foundation’s Research Committee and a member of the James Lind Alliance Strategy and Development Group, 2008.

According to Sir Peter Spencer’s report of the inaugural meeting:

“A research collaborative will be formed from interested parties in the UK who have a stake in scientific research into M.E./CFS. The nucleus is the list of those who attended this meeting.  It is envisaged that the group will expand, bringing together medical scientists from a wide range of different disciplines, funding organisations, royal colleges, professional organisations, patient charities and other relevant parties, to agree a common agenda for increasing the scale and quality of research into M.E. in the UK, along the lines of the achievements of the UK Respiratory Research Collaborative…”


*The name under which this new MRC committee will be operating has yet to be published and there is no information about this panel or its remit on the MRC’s website.