PULSE: Chronic fatigue syndrome and somatoform disorders, contrary views




Chronic fatigue syndrome and somatoform disorders, contrary views

18 Dec 08

Dr Christopher Bass’s recent article on somatoform disorders, and in particular his inclusion of chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia within this grouping, has provoked a strong response from sufferers of the condition.

There is a highly vocal ME/CFS lobby which strongly opposes the categorisation of the condition as a psychiatric /mental disorder, arguing strongly that it is primarily caused by physical components.

Rather than add their extensive comments as feedback to Dr Bass’s article, which rather than stimulating debate we felt would somewhat drown it out, we reproduce them here for you to consider. What’s your view? Has there been too little focus on the physical aspects of CFS and Fibromyalgia

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Original article by Dr Chris Bass at:


Need to Know – somatoform disorders

10 Dec 08

Psychiatrist Dr Christopher Bass answers GP Dr Mandy Fry’s questions on the role of drug therapy and CBT

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