Date for RSM ‘Medicine and me’ meeting

The Royal Society of Medicine plans to hold the proposed ‘Medicine and me’ conference on

Saturday 11 July 2009

In AfME’s InterAction magazine, Page 3, CEO’s report, Sir Peter Spencer writes:

“Next year also, patients and carers will be invited to attend the Royal Society of Medicine’s (RSM’s) ‘Medicine and me’ conference on M.E. on Saturday 11 July in London. ‘Medicine and me’ meetings bring together patients, carers, advocates, patient support groups, clinicians and researchers to discuss care and research matters of interest to patients with a specific condition. It will be a great opportunity for face-to-face contact with some of the leading M.E. clinicians and researchers in the land, so I hope those who are well enough will be there. Booking will be essential. Further details will be posted in InterAction, on our website and on the RSM website at  

Action for ME (AfME)

Ed: Note that the RSM’s ”Medicine and me’ meetings are held for various conditions and that this meeting will be a “Medicine and me meeting on ME” or more likely a “Medicine and me meeting on CFS”, as the RSM did not use the term “ME” for the controversial conference held in April, this year).

For the format of these meetings see: