Lynn Gilderdale: Media coverage, 10.12.08

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Overnight, the Telegraph published three additional articles: one an update on the status of the case, the second, a commentary on ME from Dr Max Pemberton and a third in which Elizabeth Grice talks to the family of severe ME sufferer, Emily Collingridge and to Sylvia Penny, mother of severe sufferer, Michelle.

On the Mail site, Esther Ranzten, President to the children and young person’s organisation AYME, who has written many articles in the past about her daughter Emily’s recoveries and is currently ascribing her daughter’s recovery to the Lightning Process, has written a lengthy piece about her daughter with commentary on the death of Lynn Gilderdale.

This morning, the Gilderdale case was featured on ITV which included commentary from Dr Charles Shepherd (a URL for a video clip will be posted here when available).

Yesterday, 9 December the case was reported on Channel 4 (video link below).

Updates since this morning


Video links courtesy of Tom Kindlon, Irish ME Society

Channel 4 evening news item:

In Tuesday 9th December Part 3 section click ‘play’ and move gauge
along to around the 13:20 area.


(Channel) 5 News


BBC 5-Live

around 1.08


“Drive” Tuesday



Hope for more ME awareness

includes interviews with Dr Charles Shepherd (ME Association) and Criona Wilson (mother of Sophia) and also with Daily Mail journalist, Gill Swain.


NHS blog

[An earlier version of this entry drew attention to an error made by “Dr Crippen” on his blog where he had stated that Dr Charles Shepherd was medical adviser to “The ME Society”.  “Dr Crippen” has since posted a clarification.  Dr Charles Shepherd is a medical adviser and a Trustee of the national patient organisation, The ME Association. ]


The Sun

ME girl Lynn and her mum


10 December 2008

THIS is the first picture of ME victim Lynn Gilderdale with her mum – now suspected of killing her.

Lynn, 31, looks pale and fragile and has a medical tube taped to her cheek as mother Kay tenderly nuzzles up to her.

Last week Lynn was found dead from a suspected morphine overdose after being bedridden for 17 years by “yuppie flu” myalgic encephalomelitis…


The Argus

Mum Kay Gilderdale’s support through allegations of Heathfield “mercy killing”

11:12am Wednesday 10th December 2008

By Andy Chiles

A mother suspected of the mercy killing of her ME sufferer daughter spoke yesterday of the “great support” she had received from family, friends and the community.

Kay Gilderdale, 54, was at home in Stonegate, near Heathfield, after being released on bail by Sussex Police.

She was arrested on Thursday on suspicion of the murder of her daughter Lynn Gilderdale, 31, who was found dead that morning.

Det Chf Insp Andy Griffiths, leading the investigation, yesterday refused to confirm Miss Gilderdale had died from an overdose of the painkiller morphine, as had been reported in the national press…



Wednesday, 10 December


Mother arrested over ‘mercy killing’ faced with long wait

A mother arrested on suspicion of killing her daughter in a ‘mercy-killing’ may have to wait four months to find out if she is charged with murder…

By Caroline Gammell and Murray Wardrop

Last Updated: 9:54PM GMT 09 Dec 2008


Why ME remains a mystery to doctors and their patients

The term Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) entered the International Classification of Diseases in 1969 and described a baffling, medically unexplained cluster of symptoms that includes widespread muscle and joint pain, chronic, severe exhaustion and difficulties with concentration and memory.

By Max Pemberton

Last Updated: 12:46AM GMT 10 Dec 2008

This results in a variably debilitating condition. Most criteria used for diagnosis state that the condition must be present for more than six months and all state that the symptoms must not be the result of other medical conditions. Since the late 1980s the term Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) has gradually replaced ME and the pejorative term ”yuppie flu”. There are numerous theories concerning the underlying cause…


‘I had three years of nothingness, of hell’

As the mother of an ME sufferer is suspected of her ‘mercy killing’ Elizabeth Grice talks to another family blighted by the cruel disease.

By Elizabeth Grice
Last Updated: 12:50AM GMT 10 Dec 2008

This is only the third telephone conversation Emily Collingridge has been strong enough to receive this year.

She can manage to hold the phone but it is painful against her ear and her mental processes are stretched to the limit to sustain a conversation. Either her brain is racing far too fast, or running too slow, she explains. “It is as if there is a huge wall in my head. I am on one side and all my mental skills are on the other. I hope one day I will scrabble up and climb over the wall.”

Losing her cognitive ability is only part of it. Collingridge has been bedridden for three years and ill for as long as she can remember…


Daily Mail

ESTHER RANTZEN: I weep for this devoted mother. For I, too, watched my daughter endure a living death from ME

By Esther Ranzten
Last updated at 12:59 AM on 10th December 2008

Kay Gilderdale has lived for 17 years in a hell I understand only too well. Her daughter Lynn had been suffering from ME in its most severe form – unable to walk, talk, swallow food or hold up her head. Throughout those years, Kay was her child’s devoted and constant carer, providing round-the-clock comfort and support without a trace of self-pity. Now Kay has been arrested, suspected of a mercy killing, after her daughter’s death from a morphine overdose last Thursday.

[Image: Recovery: Emily Wilcox, who suffered from ME, with mother Esther Rantzen]

It is not for me to judge what role she did or didn’t play in Lynn’s final hours. But I do know the heartbreak she must have endured, watching her daughter suffer for so long…



Interview with Dr Charles Shepherd

[Link for video to be posted if/when available]

ITV website

This Morning – Myalgic Encephalopathy (M.E)


Vicky Shepherd, 23 has been battling with Myalgic Encephalopathy (M.E) for over half her life.

Vicky believes the illness was triggered from when she had Glandular Fever when she was 11, but it took five years before Doctors came up with the diagnoses…


Channel 4

Tuesday 9 December

13.06 mins in from start.

Commentary from Dr Charles Shepherd (ME Association).  Images of 25% ME Group website.