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Mother arrested over ‘mercy killing’ faced with long wait

A mother arrested on suspicion of killing her daughter in a ‘mercy-killing’ may have to wait four months to find out if she is charged with murder.

By Caroline Gammell and Murray Wardrop

Last Updated: 9:54PM GMT 09 Dec 2008

Kay Gilderdale, 54, was arrested less than two hours after police were called to the family bungalow in Stonegate, East Sussex, on Thursday.

Her daughter Lynn, 31, who had suffered from debilitating ME since the age of 14, died at the home which has been her hospital for 17 years.

The alarm was raised by Miss Gilderdale’s father, Richard, a former Police Officer, who separated from his wife in 2002.

Sussex police are now investigating the circumstances surrounding her death, including the possibility that she may have died from a Morphine overdose.

Samples have been sent away to be analysed by toxicologists and the post-mortem examination result is not expected to be released for some time…

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