Countess of Mar: Second letter to RiME

Update: Media coverage here:

Ed: The Countess of Mar has been shortlisted for a Social Welfare Champion award in the “Charity Champions Award 2008” (in Association with ePolitix and The House Magazine, which is a Parliamentary publication).

The Countess was nominated by reMEmber (The Chronic Fatigue Society).  There has been much concern expressed recently over the issue of the organisation reMEmber being invited to sit on Lady Mar’s Foward-ME group whereas RiME has been excluded from these meetings.


Charity Champions Award 2008


Social Welfare Champion

Nominated by: reMEmber

Nominations Open 2nd June
Nominations Close 10th October
Shortlist Announced & Voting Opens 3rd November
Voting Closes 14th November
Awards Ceremony 10th December

Here are the three nominees for the Social Welfare Champion Award (there are 11 awards in all, some of which have attracted sponsors):

Barbara Keeley MP
Countess of Mar
Lord Avebury

The Awards Ceremony takes place next Wednesday and is hosted by Esther Rantzen CBE (President of AYME and promoter of the Lightning Process).


Countess of Mar: Second letter to RiME

On 24 November, the Countess of Mar let it be known that she had sent a second letter to Paul Davis of RiME in which she writes:

Dear Mr Davis

I would appreciate it if you would correct a misconception of my position with regards to ME and CFS and CBT/GET that you appear to have been promoting over the internet.

  • It would seem that you infer that I have changed my opinions about the benefits of CBT/GET for all ME and CFS sufferers. I have not. I made it clear in my letter to you that they might be of benefit to a few people with mild symptoms as, indeed, do the NICE Guidelines.
  • It would seem that you infer that I approve totally of the NICE Guidelines. I never have. What I have  said is that, for the present, they are all that we have and that there are some parts that are good and some people have been able to benefit from their recommendations, so why throw the baby out with the bathwater.
  • I have expressed no opinion about Judicial Review and it is not my position to do so, but that does not mean that I oppose it.
  • That some doctors and consultants are unaware of, or will not follow, the NICE Guidelines I well know and I make every effort to put this right when I can.
  • I wish to make it clear that I am totally in sympathy with those who are suffering from ME and CFS and that I will do my utmost to try to get recognition, treatment, research and social support for them. I can do no more.

You are probably aware that your posting has resulted in an inordinate number of letters to me, to all of which I try to respond. However, I wish to make it absolutely clear that I have not the time, energy or support to continue to do so.

Would you kindly post this letter onto your website.

Yours sincerely