Changes to WordPress interface

Changes to WordPress later this week

Towards the end of this week, the wonderful folk who provide the free platform for this site are upgrading the interface to WordPress 2.7 and introducing a raft of changes, improvements and new features to the site owner Admin pages.

This new interface has been designed for optimum performance using browsers Firefox 3, Google Chrome, and Safari 3 and there will be some Admin features which may not be supported by older browsers like IE6, which I mostly work with.  But I also have Firefox 3 loaded and I will be using Firefox to find my way round the new interface.

The appearance and functioning of this site should remain much the same to viewers, as the changes and improvements being introduced are primarily for the Admin functions.  However, site owners might encounter a few glitches following the release of WordPress 2.7  and until I have become used to the new interface it may take me a little longer to get material up on the site.


I have taken the decision to disable the Comment facility for all categories of posting and I will be writing about this in the next few days.  In the meantime, I can be contacted via the Contact Page.

ME agenda runs on a free WordPress Blog which provides many features not available from other blog hosts and also generous storage capacity for files.  But because I don’t have the CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) upgrade which enables customising the standard design layout, the Comment link at the foot of each posting will still display even when the Comment facility has been selectively disabled or disabled for all posts – although the comment posting box, itself, will no longer be accessible.

Suzy Chapman