CONSPIRACIES AND BETRAYAL: Is NICE really nice? Gurli Bagnall

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From: Gurli Bagnall

Countess of Mar


Gurli Bagnall

*….Not another conspiracy theory? The cry will go up as this book hits the shops. It will be heard especially from the smart commentators and senior politicians, who will exude an air of experienced superiority over the naive and gullible who dare to give the time of day to anything the politicos sneeringly call a conspiracy theory. It is the new insult from the established classes…*

Opening paragraph of the Preface in: The Strange Death of David Kelly by Norman Baker MP

Norman Baker is a brave man.

He dared to blow the whistle.

During the last decades the behaviour of which he speaks, has become increasingly prominent. We see it in nearly every aspect of society as the powerful flex their muscles and serve themselves before serving those who elected them to office.

The above quote came to mind as I read the extract from the letter to Paul Davis from the Countess of Mar. God alone knows, as sufferers of ME, we are on the sharp end of the stick when it comes to such accusations.

The Countess of Mar’s switch in allegiance seemed incongruous and before making any comment, I made it my business to seek information from other sources. I was assured that everything I had read was true.

From seemingly every quarter in the UK, the sense of confusion and despair comes through loud and clear. Lost to us, is the person of integrity and intelligence we believed the Countess of Mar to be. As a friend, she spent years fighting fearlessly in our corner with an understanding of the issues from a personal perspective and from her investigation into behind-the-scenes shenanigans.

The Countess of Mar’s actions leave a bitter taste.

Where her energies had once been spent championing the human rights of ME sufferers, those energies are now devoted to the cause of those she once reviled and those who have set themselves on a course with the destruction of ME victims in mind.

As to her motives, we can but surmise. That which we can be certain about, it that this is no theory. It may well be a conspiracy; it is certainly a betrayal – a betrayal that will doubtless add to the many hardships the ME community already live with.

Now more than ever, we need to remember a number of things.

Never underestimate your own intelligence and common sense. Remember the iatrogenic statistics as far as they are known, and do not accept explanations of being mentally disturbed. Such diagnoses are not made for your benefit, they are made for the benefit of the so-called diagnostician.

The Countess rightly points out that CBT and GET are the only universal treatments officially on offer; the implication being that we should therefore accept them. If you were told that the universal menu for the evening meal was a delicious bowl of DDT, would you eat it?

Within living memory, the universal treatment for asthma and even epileptic seizures, was a smart smack in the face usually delivered by the (old school) battle-axe of a hospital sister or matron.

Very recently, an attempt was made to bury the discovery that peptic ulcers are mainly the result of a treatable infection. Universal treatments were far more profitable, but they resulted in a great deal of damage. Years on a bland diet and antacids destroyed the digestive system; sheer neglect resulted in perforations, internal haemorrhages, unnecessary surgery and sometimes, death. As for CBT-.those demeaning lectures on an inadequate personality?..

Can the medical profession be trusted to get it right; to behave ethically; to treat you with the respect you deserve, to do no harm etc etc.. (The only statistics available are hospital records and they alone show that one third of diseases, disabilities and deaths occur as a result of preventable medical error.)

Remember the wording used in the recruitment of therapists to administer CBT/GET at the CFS/ME clinics around the UK, and know that the main (figurative) requirement was a stout pair of jack-boots.

Conspiracy theory? The denials, rejections and silences surrounding the results of genuine research into the physical causes and effects of ME, are not theories. They are fact and without doubt, conspiracies.

How can the Countess justify her actions?

Gurli Bagnall

Patients Rights Campaigner

22 November, 2008