Enquiry regarding status of ME Alliance

Enquiry regarding status of ME Alliance

From: Suzy Chapman
To: Heather Walker; Sir Peter Spencer; Dr Charles Shepherd; Tony Britton
Sent: Thursday, November 20, 2008 1:38 PM
Subject: Status of the ME Alliance

20 November 2008

Re: Current status of the ME Alliance

It was understood that the existing ME Alliance was anticipated to be reconvening earlier this year.

I should be pleased if you could clarify the following:

1] Is the ME Alliance still extant?

2] Who are the current members of the ME Alliance?

3] Does the ME Alliance currently have a convener and who is the convener?

4] When did the last meeting of the ME Alliance take place and which organisation reps were present at that meeting?

5] Has a date for a future meeting of the ME Alliance been set and when is the next meeting anticipated to be held?

6] Does the current ME Alliance have a constitution, mission statement or statement of objectives and if so where can these be accessed?

7] Does the ME Alliance intend to publish an agenda, minute, note or summary of any meetings it might hold in the future?

There has been much speculation amongst the ME community about whether the meetings being held by the Countess of Mar are a “new Alliance” or a “Reformed Alliance” which has replaced the “old Alliance”.

Given that very little information about the existing ME Alliance has been issued over the last couple of years since the departure from Action for ME of Chris Clark, and given the evident confusion about the current status of the ME Alliance it would be appropriate for a statement to be issued clarifying the situation and responses provided to the queries raised above.


Suzy Chapman