NHS services inquiry: Will the APPG reconsider?

NHS services inquiry: will the APPG reconsider and agree to extend the deadline for responses?

The 25% ME Group confirmed, today, that the committee submitted a response to the Draft Terms of Reference, dated 14 November.

They are also calling for an extension for responses.

I have written again to the APPG Secretariat, CCd to Dr Des Turner (Chair APPG); Dr Ian Gibson (Secretary to APPG); Countess of Mar, for its position.

I have said that ten days notice in which to submit comments on this document failed to make proper allowance for the needs of a disability group for adequate time in which to scrutinise this document and submit responses.

I have asked the Secretariat “Does the APPG plan to respond to the calls it is known to be receiving, reconsider and announce an extension?”

Don’t let the deadline discourage you from submitting your comments to the APPG secretariat – get a response in, anyway.

The draft Terms of Reference can be read here:  http://tinyurl.com/5ysbox  

Contact details for the APPG Secretariat here:  https://meagenda.wordpress.com/2008/11/05/appg-secretariat/

and you can read the 25% ME Group’s response here on ME agenda.

The document is available at the foot of the “What’s New” section of the 25% ME Group’s website here:


or download the document here


Response from RiME

Response from Invest in ME

Response from 25% ME Group

Response from Suzy Chapman

Response from Ciaran Farrell

Response from Greg Crowhurst


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