Radio 4: 10 November 8.00pm Incapacitated

Update: If you didn’t catch yesterday’s broadcast, listen again on BBC iPlayer at:

Broadcast on: BBC Radio 4, 8:00pm Monday 10th November
Duration: 30 minutes
Available until: 8:32pm Monday 17th November

10 Nov 2008 20:00 BBC Radio 4


“As the government unveil a tough new benefits system for the sick, Dr Ben Goldacre explores the parlous state of the incapacity benefits system, an eight billion pound legacy created by party politics and unthinking medics.

“Ben discovers that, after being on incapacity benefit for more than two years, you are statistically more likely to die or retire than ever find work again. He asks how this can have been allowed to happen and considers whether the new government plans will help.”


According to AfME’s News page this programme was expected to include contribution from a former teacher with M.E.

It should be possible to listen again to this broadcast through the R4 site or on iPlayer tomorrow (11 November).

Look for under Monday’s listings at

Ben Goldacre maintains The Bad Science a blog at


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