NICE Judicial Review documents: Margaret Williams

Margaret Williams has issued a series of documents which have been created specifically for the NICE Judicial Review. These are being circulated by Stephen Ralph and are also available from the MEActionUK website.  I will be adding these to this page as they are released, so please check from time to time for new additions.

Stephen Ralph has created a page for all Judicial Review documents and this can be found on a button at the top of the main page of

Alternatively you can find the page directly by clicking on this link:

Please note that there is some duplication of documents already published.


Document 1:

Background information and illustrations of evidence that CBT cannot improve ME/CFS which NICE disregarded

Margaret Williams 25 July 2008


Document 2:

Evidence that the Guideline Development Group that produced the NICE Guideline on CFS/ME (C53) failed to fulfil its remit

(particularly in relation to the potential dangers of graded exercise therapy)

Margaret Williams 7 July 2008


Document 3:

Evidence of cardiovascular problems in ME/CFS that NICE disregarded

Margaret Williams 4 August 2008


Document 4:

Immunological, neuroendocrine and neurological evidence (including evidence of CNS inflammation) documented in ME/CFS that NICE chose to ignore in the production of its Clinical Guideline 53

Margaret Williams 31 August 2008


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