Media coverage: Demonstrating for the right to protest in Liverpool

Media coverage of Liverpool right to protest issue, witness statement and YouTube videos

Socialist Party

22 October 2008

Liverpool: Mass protest wins back the right to campaign!

FOLLOWING MONTHS of protest against Merseyside police harassing and arresting local campaigners, our democratic right to hold stalls and campaign has been re-established. A negotiated agreement between campaigners and police has, so far, ended harassment by the authorities.

Tony Aitman

The arrests of campaigners on 11 October (see last week’s The Socialist) backfired on those officers responsible when the protests escalated. A crowd of up to 300 shoppers and passers-by surrounded police vans containing arrested campaigners chanting “Let them go!”…

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Socialist Party

15 October 2008

Political protest in Liverpool will not be silenced!

THE SOCIALIST has reported the continual harassment by the police of political campaigners in Liverpool’s Church Street, a centre for stalls and campaigners for decades. This has included the arrest of a number of activists, including Socialist Party member Tony Aitman…

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Liverpool Daily Post

We will not be silenced, say protesters after clash with police

Oct 15 2008 by Liza Williams, Liverpool Daily Post

CAMPAIGN groups will return to Liverpool city centre this weekend despite clashing with police and claiming their “freedom of speech” had been violated last week.

Members of around 10 groups including Keep Our NHS Public, the Socialist Party, and Stop the War Coalition say peaceful leafleting ended in a “near riot” because of the police’s action…

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Socialist Worker

Posted: 6.24pm Tuesday 14 October 2008

News & Reports

Demonstrating for the right to protest in Liverpool

Activists gathered in Liverpool city centre for a mass leafleting last Saturday in protest at police harassment of political stalls…

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Whole Truth Coalition

Merseyside Police Arrest Peaceful Activists In 11th October Protest

Posted by: Andrew Cheetham in *Events*, Global Control, Headlines, Political Headlines

Witness Statement

“Last Saturday (11th) Merseyside Police broke up a legal political mass stall by various organisations on Church Street in Liverpool city centre that had been planned for some time, arresting two political activists in the process. The mass stall was arranged by various groups after the wrongful arrest of a Liverpool political activist in August for distributing leaflets and selling political newspapers on Church Street, allowed under Government legislation and Section 6 of the Human Rights Act 1998…”

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which includes

YouTube video Part 1 9.19 mins

YouTube video Part 2 5.34 mins


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