Lack of unity given that patients fully support G93.3?


I can now confirm that the meeting between the Countess of Mar and the charity chief executives is being held on Wednesday 8th October at 2pm – that’s an hour before the APPG on ME meeting starts – the charities kept the date, time and location of this meeting quiet, didn’t they?

Please also note that there was an error in the email address given for Ian McLachlan which has now been corrected in the posting below.  If you experienced problems contacting Ian please resend now using:

If you are unhappy with the Countess of Mar’s proposal to call a meeting outside the APPG with the intention that the main national charities should “hammer out areas where they shared common ground” please email Ian before Wednesday morning.

Suzy Chapman

Permission to repost

From Ian McLachlan

Lack of unity given patients fully support G93.3?

I am sure I am not alone in my concern at recent developments that have been announced following the last APPG meeting. Below is an extract from the minutes of that meeting:

‘In the ensuing discussion, the Countess of Mar said she also proposed calling a meeting with the chief executives of the national ME charities to hammer out areas where they shared common ground. It was vital to present a united front on key issues affecting people with ME when communicating with the Government.’

I think in order to right the impression being given that a lack of progress at Westminster is the fault of ME sufferers, it is vital that our concern is brought to the attention of the Countess of Mar. I would like people to read the statement below and give consideration to its contents, if you feel you agree with what is written and would like to sign in support, please email me at:

The statement will be sent via email on Wednesday morning to the Countess and the Parliamentary Commissioner.

Dear Lady Mar,

We the undersigned wish to make known to you our unhappiness that a meeting is to be held separately from the regular APPG, and members of the public are to be excluded. We also wish to register with you that we fully support those members of the public who regularly attend APPGs, and are most grateful that they are prepared to bravely speak out on our behalf. We are realistic that no amount of pleading will stop the meeting from taking place, but are concerned that further meetings will happen in order that business can be undertaken away from the current APPG and free from public scrutiny. The impression being given is that finding common ground is necessary as a united front needs to be shown when communicating issues to Government. We take exception to that, and the impression being given, as we who suffer this debilitating neurological condition have always been united in the fact that our illness needs proper recognition, treatment and research, and have consistently communicated such.  The complete mystery to us, is why Westminster has consistently failed to grasp such a simple request.

Yours Sincerely

Ian McLachlan


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