YouTube video: The PM speaks on ME/CFS and MRC

YouTube: 10 Downing Street

Added 10 September 2008

Ask The PM – ME      A video of the PM talking about ME/CFS and MRC funding

This is a response from the PM to the Youtube video

Questions for the Prime Minister by miriampotter which was added on 11 July 2008

Miriam maintains a blog around ME issues at

For readers on dial-up and cannot buffer YouTube, the video question that had been put to the Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, by Miriam Potter, in July, was this:

“First of all, I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to ask you some questions on health. I have ME and so my questions are about ME. My first question is: What is the government doing to help people who have ME and how are you educating doctors to understand more about ME and what are you doing to find out what causes it and to find the cure, now that’s three rather than one, so it’s three in one. Hope you can come back and let us know the answers to these questions. Thank you for your time, Goodbye.”

Video response from Mr Brown:

“I think ME or Chronic fatigue syndrome affects about one in three hundred people in the United  Kingdom, therefore it is a condition which we take very seriously indeed, and I think you will find that a lot of work has gone into this, over the last four years, in the National Health Service, where [refers to notes] £8.5 million pounds has been spent.

“At the same time, the Medical Research Council has made it clear that research into ME and Chronic fatigue syndrome is something that we’re taking very seriously indeed – it is a very big part of the research programme for the future and I hope that we’ll be able to report results in due course that will show not only that the research been done but that it has yielded results that will benefit you and many other people.”



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