RSM “CFS” Conference, Bristol 18 September

Royal Society of Medicine “CFS” Conference, Bristol, Thursday, 18 September

The Royal Society of Medicine is holding a regional “CFS” conference, in Bristol, on 18 September. A copy of the agenda for the Bristol conference is appended.

The line-up of presenters includes Professor Peter Denton White, Mary-Jane Willows (CEO of AYME), Dr Esther Crawley (NICE GDG member and a medical adviser to AYME), Dr Hazel O’Dowd and Prof Tony Pinching (a medical adviser to AfME).

Professor Peter White was one of the speakers at the controversial RSM “CFS” conference which took place in London, on 28 April, and his presentation in Bristol is also titled “What is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and what is ME?”

The ME Association published a summary of Professor White’s April presentation for the RSM which you can read here

You can view the webcast of Professor White’s RSM Conference presentation here:

In March and April, this year, there were a number of initiatives around the RSM’s April London “CFS” Conference.  Joanie Crawford and her husband handed out leaflets to conference attendees in the morning and Gus Ryan organised a demonstration outside the building in the afternoon during which specially prepared letters were presented. Gus Ryan also produced a YouTube video of the event which can be viewed here

RSM Protest video

I co-ordinated a postcard campaign – information here and set up a dedicate blog at Read ME UK Events

John Greensmith, ME Free For All, also encouraged letters and emails to the RSM. The RSM were inundated with communications expressing concern about the psychiatric/psychological bias of the line-up of speakers.

It’s only nine days until this conference takes place, on Thursday, 18 September.

Due to personal circumstances, I am not able to undertake the co-ordination of a postcard campaign for this forthcoming Bristol conference, or circulate flyers or flag up protests against this conference on forums and mailing lists, but John Greensmith has put out some information today. So if you want to write or email your concerns, here is John’s notice.  Address for the RSM: Royal Society of Medicine, 1 Wimpole Street, London W1G 0AE  Email Dr John Scadding

From Dr John Greensmith, ME Free For All


You may remember that the Royal Society of Medicine (RSM) Conference, “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome”, in London, on 28 April 2008 caused something of a furore

(see here and following letters, when logged in)

and I expect a similar response this time since it is essentially a repeat performance.

This is my letter about the conference with the same name to be held in Bristol on 18 September 2008 here which you may read when logged in and also click to the agenda for the conference and any other correspondence, as it comes in.

May I suggest that as many as can manage send a letter to the Bristol Evening Post, , Western Daily Press, and Bath Chronicle papers, near to where the conference is being held, as well as the North Devon Journal, and the Western Morning News, , in which it got good coverage last time. You may also want to send it to your own local paper and the national daily, or Sunday, that you take for a more universal coverage.

Talking of universal, although this is a medical institution in the UK, may I urge M.E. sufferers from abroad to write as well, since this is a foreign import you could well do without.


Is there anyone in the North-East of England/North Yorkshire who would be prepared to talk to The Northern Echo about the forthcoming RSM conference in Bristol on 18 September 2008.

Please get back to me and I’ll put you together.

(There is much more interest in this than I had even hoped — please write to the Bristol & Bath Papers, the North Devon Journal, The Westen Morning News and your own local, national daily and sunday papers — e-mail addresses in my previous e-mail or from me)

Dr John H Greensmith

ME Free For All. org


RSM Bristol Conference Agenda and booking information

18 September 2008

Wessex Region – Bristol
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Bristol

Thursday 18 September 2008

Venue: UBHT Education Centre, Upper Mauldin Street Bristol BS2 8AE

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a common and debilitating illness which can persist for years. Despite extensive research, the nature and pathogenesis of the condition remains enigmatic. There is continuing uncertainty and controversy concerning the physical and psychological components that may contribute to the initiation and perpetuation of the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome.

The guidelines published by NICE in August 2007 have met with a mixed response, but many have welcomed the development of evidence based advice about different treatment options.

The aim of this meeting is to take a broad look at chronic fatigue syndrome, examining its nature and definition, pathophysiology, epidemiology, clinical assessment and diagnosis, the patient perspective, and various approaches to treatment. This is a scientific conference and there will be an emphasis on an evidence based approach throughout.

Those attending the meeting will gain understanding of the various aspects of CFS being discussed, and be better able to help people suffering from this disabling condition.

Venue: UBHT Education Centre, Upper Mauldin Street Bristol BS2 8AE

Registration Details:
Trainee: £65
Fellow: £95
Associate: £85
Non-Fellow: £140
RSM Trainee: £55
RSM Student: £25
Student: £45
Nurse: £85
AHP: £85
CPD: 5 credits

9.30 am
Registration and Coffee

9.55 am
Welcome Address
Prof Mick Leary, Regional Sub Dean Royal Society of Medicine, Wessex

Session One
Chair: Prof Mick Leary, Regional Sub Dean Royal Society of Medicine, Wessex

10.00 am
What is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and what is ME?
Prof Peter White, Centre for Psychiatry, Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine, London

10.30 am
What we know about the genetics of CFS/ME
Dr Nicholas Timson, Department of Social Medicine, University of Bristol

11.00 am
Differential diagnosis of CFS/ME
Prof Damien Longson, Department of Psychiatry, North Manchester General Hospital

11.30 am

11.40 am

Session Two
Chair: Dr Esther Crawley, Royal National Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases, Bath

12.10 pm
What it feels like to have CFS/ME
Mary-Jane Willows, Person with CFS/ME

12.40 pm
Cognitive behaviour therapy for behaviour change in medical conditions
Dr Hazel O’Dowd, Team Leader CFS/ME Services, Frenchay Hospital, Bristol

1.10 pm

1.20 pm

Session Three
Chair: Dr Tim Chambers, Bristol Royal Children’s Hospital

2.20 pm
The NICE guidelines

2.50 pm
The practical management of CFS/ME
Dr Esther Crawley, Royal National Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases, Bath

3.20 pm
Medication for symptom control. And beyond?
Prof Tony Pinching, Associate Dean for Cornwall & Professor of Clinical Immunology

3.50 pm
Questions and Discussion

4.20 pm
Close of Meeting


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