BBC News: Woman with ME takes own life

BBC News, Midlands: Woman with ME takes own life

This is a video report from the BBC [1.32 mins]

“A 43-year-old woman suffering from the condition ME has travelled to Switzerland to take her own life because of the pain.”


Note: Mr Ian Logan, an ME sufferer who features in the video, was in contact with the subject of this report.  Mr Logan is Chairman of the Worcestershire M.E. Support Group

The reporter states that Mr Logan “…echoes a Parliamentary report that not enough money is going into finding out whether it is an illness of the body”.

The “Parliamentary report” is not referred to by name, but it is likely that Mr Logan is referring to the Gibson Report.  If this is the case, the status of the “Gibson Report” has once again been misrepresented in the media.

The “Gibson Report” is an unofficial document produced by an ad hoc committee of parliamentarians; it was not the product of a Select Committee or a Standing (now General) Committee, nor did the report result out of a commissioned inquiry. The document should not be described as a “Parliamentary report” and it has no status within either of the Houses of Parliament or within government.  

For more information on the status of the “Gibson Inquiry” and the report the GSRME panel published, electronically, in November 2006 see:

I am not at all comfortable with the phrase “…not enough money is going into finding out whether it is an illness of the body.”

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