More control freakery from our Government

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More control freakery from our Government

From The Times

August 13, 2008

Councils get power to ‘spy’ on your e-mail and net use

Richard Ford, Home Correspondent

Councils and health authorities are to be given the right to access e-mail and internet records under surveillance powers to be introduced next year, the Home Office said yesterday.

Although first proposed to tackle terrorism and serious crime, powers have been extended to cover other criminal activity, public health, threats to public safety and even prevention of self-harm.

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From the Mail on Sunday–taxpayers-footing-50m-bill.html

Council snoopers to get new powers to seize phone and email records – with taxpayers footing the £50m bill

By James Slack

Tory concerns: Shadow home secretary Dominic Grieve

Council snoopers will be given even greater powers to pry into our phone, email and internet records – landing the taxpayer with a bill of almost £50million.

Town halls, along with the police, security services, health authorities and other public bodies, will have access to ‘ communication’ records of anyone suspected of involvement in even the most minor crime.

Read full article here

Related story from the Daily Mail:

Town hall snoopers want bedroom access to check tax discount residents are living on their own

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