Two media items: CBT for MUS, GPs fail to spot Hep C

Promotion of CBT and “biopsychosocial (BPS) therapy” for medically unexplained symptoms (MUS) in today’s Independent:

The Independent

All in the mind: the cases that doctors can’t explain

Doctors call them heart-sink cases: the one in four patients whose symptoms have no known cause. So are they really ill? Roger Dobson investigates

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

“And it is not just chronic aches and pains. Sensory loss, walking problems, hallucinations, non-cardiac chest pain, paralysis and seizures are all there, with no apparent cause. Some patients have a history of eight or more unexplained complaints in different parts of their body.”


“Yet talking therapy, especially cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), can work for many people, and may even save lives. At Ben-Gurion University in Israel, doctors took 42 patients whose symptoms could not be medically explained, and gave half of them normal medical care, while the others had biopsychosocial (BPS) therapy. The latter could include lifestyle changes, relaxation techniques and exercise, psychotherapy, CBT and family therapy.”

Read full article here

and an item on GPs failing to identify and treat Hep C and chronic liver disease on the Sky News:

Sky News

Orla Chennaoui, Sky News reporter

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

“Hundreds of thousands of Britons could be suffering from chronic liver disease because GPs are failing to spot the problem.”


“A survey published today shows that more than two thirds of doctors do not know how to read hepatitis C test results.”

“That means that as many of 90% of sufferers do not even know they are ill.”

Read full article here


2 thoughts on “Two media items: CBT for MUS, GPs fail to spot Hep C

  1. what’s the deal with doctors thinking that if they don’t know the answer the problem is all in the patients head? what happened to saying – i don’t know what’s worng but i will try to find out. what happened to learning and expanding your knoweledge and reading research and scientific fact?

    i’m so sick of reading about medically unexplained symptoms – when in fact many are medically explained if the docs knew what to read and where.

    like many others i’ve lost count of the insulting and arrogant and dismissive comments i’ve had from the medical profession – not that any have actually listened in the first place,/ or read notes which ahve taken an age to write becuase i cna’t produce the info at will due to a malfunctioning brain. not that any have actually read the reams of research on m.e. in particular. then my symptoms suddenly wouldn’t seem so tiresome or odd, but in fact would make a whole lot of sense.

    relaxation techniiques are a bit blooming difficult when you’re climbing the walls with extreme pain as many folk are…mind over matter doesn’t even get a look in with some of the pain experienced. many people with long term health conditions are masters of positive thinking – they have to be to get by.

    cbt is a joke? why don’t they keep it for conditions it can actually help. really who dreamed that one up for people with m.e (well we know the answer to that!)many of whom can’t even speak or write or follow a train of thought, or tolerate sound.

    have any of the idiots who suggest cbt for some illness ever been long term ill – let alone with a condition that affects your brain? my mood is fine thank you – except when i have to (when i can read)the endless rubbish perpetrated by those who have no idea about the reality of long term illness and m.e in particular.

    exercise would be great – i love it – just a bit difficult when i often can’t even stand and my legs collapse without warning when i walk.

    what would help – is recognition of illnesses that exist and aren’t in the patients mind, and reading and aquaintance with the facts, and research to find treatment. belief would help and so would respect – just for starters.

  2. Thank you for your response. Polio, Parkinsons, MS…our day will come, too, but sadly I don’t think it’s likely to be for a few more years, yet. In the meantime, we have AfME (Action for ME) lobbying for more GET therapists!!!!!

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