ME Association keeps mum on Stafford/Collyer Amazon trek split

By Suzy Chapman

31 July 2008

ME Association keeps mum on Stafford/Collyer Amazon trek split

Ed Stafford, 32 year old son of ME Association Trustee Ba Stafford, has been left up the creek without a pal following a split with trek partner, Luke Collyer.

The pair set off this year on April 2 and planned to walk the entire route of the Amazon from its source to its mouth – a 4,000 mile trek that had never been attempted before and which was expected to take them at least 18 months. But after completing only an eighth of their journey, the two friends have fallen out and Collyer (37) has flown back to the UK.

Stafford issued a press release on 9 July advertising for a new companion. Collyer’s photograph has been removed from the Walking the Amazon website and the site now reads “ONE MAN”, “ONE MISSION”.

Media news of the split broke on 10 July and stories have appeared in

The Guardian

The Daily Mail

and in today’s Times2 section of The Times.

News of the split has swamped the internet for the past three weeks but The ME Association, which has heavily promoted the Walking the Amazon fundraising project since its inception, has yet to issue a statement on its website News pages.  The charity’s members only learned of the split, today, when the July issue of the MEA’s “ME Essential” magazine was published.

The purpose of the expedition is to raise awareness of climate change and raise funds for a number of medical and conservation charities. Five charities – The ME Association, Cancer Research UK, Action for Brazil’s Children, Project Peru and Rainforest Concern are beneficiaries.

Main sponsors JBS Associates are continuing to support the project.

You can chart Ed’s progress on the Walking the Amazon Blog.


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